Elquods Trading Company was founded and electrical supplies in 1980 as an Electrical supplies company Portal widened activity then the company to become the leading distributor of products Schneider Schneider Electric Company (Thlmykanak - Marilyn neighbors ..) as well as the company operates in the distribution of the following brands and varieties cutouts automatic and Contactors ABB imported brands and brand Germany's Siemens .kzlk other protection devices and Altaymrat and Rilahat and fuses, wires and cables produced from certified companies .oouhdat lighting and cable trays We specialize in the manufacturing of special low voltage and paintings including:
1-plates Altozaa
2.louhat Alkntrul Alchgal
3.louhat and improve Akaddrh
4.louhat UPS coefficient


10th of Ramadan industrial city
A6 No 136/2


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